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About two years ago we got introduced to an amazing activist and teacher Mrs. Davinder Jandu. At the time – she was running the Luton Junior School in Chatham filling the role of a headteacher. As an experienced tutor and person with great managing skills she was expected to improve the school’s quality of education, children’s comfort, general safety, equality among people and more.

One of the things Mrs. Jandu was looking forward to change were school’s colours, logo and the tagline. She was interested in developing a meaningful metaphor that would play a key communication role between the teachers and pupils at Luton. After a few creative meetings with the school’s personnel, we came up together with the phrase “Learning is a Journey”. It was our favourite concept because it gave us a clear indication how to grow the idea more/further. The main part of the illustrated metaphor became a road. From that we developed specific locator marks and situations on the map that would directly translate to people’s state of emotions, progressions, difficulties, challenges, achievements and so on. The map and the concept itself became a great success – loved by both groups; the adults and the children! It improved pupil’s ability of self-expression and allowed the teachers to guide the kids and help them understand that everyone comes across some obstructions in their life and that there is always a solution to a problem at school or a personal matter, simply a different road/a turn to take.

Pupils find the map very easy to understand and relate to. Shortly after printing the first graphic on a piece of paper Mrs. Jandu decided to fill the school with the maps. She ordered with us many bespoke blinds, canvases and fabric banners that got positioned in every single classroom. The learning metaphor became a permanent part of the Luton Junior, a huge win and beloved piece of visual aid. Many school’s visitors noticed the maps and were very impressed with them. In 2017 Luton Junior School went through an OFSTED inspection and got an outstanding mark! An effort of creating a new logo and practical slogan paid off. The new identity symbolises the road sign and links directly to the map. Our team at Nettl of Rochester is extremely happy to be a part of this improvement. We feel lucky to have this school as our customer and we wish for more work with similar establishments.

Let us know if you would like to develop a new logo or a metaphor for your institution. We can help you achieve your goals.

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Final design of the school’s logo on theme with “Learning is a Journey” motto:

Part of the work we completed for the school was design of responsive and user friendly website.

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